Study In Australia

Why study in AUSTRALIA ???

• Australian education institutions enjoy a well deserved high international reputation for excellence in all areas of education and training and the degrees offered by them are recognized and respected throughout the world.

• Australian offers a dynamic learning environment. The teaching processes encourage independent thinking and problem solving.

• The Australian Government plays a pro- active role in ensuring that international students who come to Australia for their studies have legal protection. The Education services for overseas student have Act (ESOS ACT) ensure that students get the quality course for which they have paid besides providing many other assurances to the international students and their families.

• Australia provides limitless opportunities’ and a wide variety of courses. Student can select from thousands of course with an inbuilt flexibility to choose pathways that sub serve their long term career goals.

• Institutions deliver practical and career – oriented training that equips students with skills demanded by the employers.

• The Australian approach to vocational education and training is now recognized as amount the best and most innovation in the world. Its vocational education and training institutions deliver a wide variety of course and provide students with career focused skills prized by employers.

• Emphasis is laid on technology based learning and the universities have earned a reputation for their innovative and research – intensive culture.

• Academic staff in Australian education institution is recruited from around the world and often are leading industry experts in their field. Most of them have long experience in teaching international students. The variety of teaching and learning methods is also uniquely varied, and has something for almost any students from any culture background and aspiration.

• Facilities for teaching, training and research are world- class in terms of state – of – the – art laboratories and classrooms, outstanding libraries and modern technology.

Striking Features:

 • Australian degrees are highly   recognized.

 • Courses leading to PR.

 • Spouse and Kids can go along.

 • Ielts 5.5 required.

 • Allowed 20 hrs per week part time work.

 • Major intakes are July and Feb.

 • Open work permit after study programme of 2 years.