Currency Cycle Association

The Currency Cycle Association aims to represent all stakeholders in the currency management industry, including currency logistics service providers, currency replenishment agencies and all entities incidental or related thereto, like – Insurance companies, ATM manufacturers, Currency processing machine manufacturers, Vehicle manufacturers, Private Security agencies, Managed Service Providers (MSP), etc. to create a more professional framework.

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Our mission

  • To develop & enforce standards pertaining to the currency management industry as per the Guidelines of RBI and Model Rules of MHA.
  • To ehnace the professionalism of entities working in the currency ecosystem by sharing of ideas, information, resources and experience and with experts in this field.

  • To provide a forum for discussion and examination of issues, challenges, problems, solutions, applications and ideas to benefit all the stakeholders in the currency management ecosystem.

Our vision

Dignify and professionalise the currency management industry and all its stakeholders by contributing to make currency circulation more available, efficient, secure and safer, guaranteeing the freedom of choice option to citizens, on the benefit of the society as a whole and the industry employees in particular.



  • Audit Currency Management Companies operations to ensure RBI and MHA norms.
  • Periodic reporting to RBI on status of compliance.

Training and Accreditation

  • Design and develop training programs as a pre-cursor to Currency Management Companies employment.
  • Administer and ensure Accreditation process.

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Our Office Bearers

Uma Shankar Paliwal

Uma Shankar Paliwal

Secretary General, CCA

Former Executive Director, RBI

Anush Raghavan

Anush Raghavan

President, CCA

President & Head-Business Unit, CMS Info Systems

Oscar Esteban

Oscar Esteban

Secretary, CCA

Business Director of the Asian Region Prosegur. CEO of SIS & Prosegur JV for the Cash Business-India.

sis procegur
Secure value


“The constructive role played by Currency Cycle Association (CCA) has significantly strengthened India’s vast Cash Logistics Management industry. Since its inception, CCA has worked closely with the RBI & Home Ministry to bring in international best practices, making cash management in India more organized and more efficient. As India remains a cash-intensive economy, the CCA will play a pivotal role in ensuring effective implementation of guidelines, risk mitigation and governance in the industry. As India’s fastest growing and one of the leading providers of Cash Management Services, Securevalue India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGS Transact Technologies Ltd. is proud to be associated with the CCA since its inception. We look forward to collectively build a more efficient and secure cash management ecosystem, contributing to the overall growth of the Indian payments ecosystem”.

Mr. Shailesh Shetty
Managing Director, Securevalue India Limited

“SRO has done a commendable job in compiling a uniform training syllabus for the cash management agencies covering all aspects. The conduct of online accreditation tests across multiple centres have been done in a planned manner facilitating participation of maximum candidates. We are sure the organization will help in further strengthening the training and operational standards of the Cash Logistics Industry in times to come”.

Col David Devasahayam
Chief Executive Officer, RCMS

“The CCA has made significant progress and crossed many milestones engaging with members, the banks and the MSP’s while  working closely with the RBI to ensure the Cash Logistics industry is better prepared to comply with RBI and MHA guidelines. The CCA has taken the lead in addressing contentious issues between these stakeholders and I take the opportunity to thank the Secretary General Mr. Paliwal and the President and his team for taking the lead in making the CCA a highly respected and effective institution. I believe we still have a long way to go in terms of achieving the mandate from the RBI and addressing the industry’s’ operational and risk management standards but am confident that with the CCA driving various initiatives to meet these directives the Cash Management industry will get there soon. I wish the CCA all the best in its endeavors on Behalf of Brink’s”

Mr. Parag Ashar
Chief Financial Officer, Brinks